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Orod is a master in Latin dances including Cuban-Miami Style Salsa, Lambada, Merengue and Samba Reggae. 

Orod has been a Latin choreographer and teacher since returning from Brazil in 1989, when he opened his Latin dance school in Hampstead offering classes in Salsa and Lambada.  

In 1997 he established the Latin Dance School in Swiss Cottage which he transformed into the 'Hampstead School of Latin Dance'. The aim of the school was to concentrate on the technical aspect of dancing.   This later developed into the 'Hampstead Latin Dance and Cultural Centre Ltd', to provide wider cultural events including arts and social events. 

In 1992 he started expanding into the London club scene promoting clubs like Vogue, Bar Salsa, Bar Madrid, Bar Cuba, Si Senor, Rheingold, Salsa City - Kingston, ZD bar—Kilburn, Club Latino-Angel,Iron bar and The Adelaide.  

In 2004 Orod and his partner Dessy opened 'Expressions Studios', a dance studio in Kentish Town.  Since then it has continued to grow and in 2008 became a registered dance charity providing services to the local community. 

Orod’s unique style of teaching and choreography concentrates on all aspect of professional dancing.  He has developed Salsa into a combination of technique, sensuality and fun.  He teaches the Cuban-Miami style of Salsa, an expressive form with its distinctive spins, turns and taps which make it very showy and energetic.

Orod is renowned as one of the most technical Latin dance chorographer and teachers in the UK. In addition to his students, he has trained a great number of teachers in the UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and France.  He has also taught workshops in New Zealand, Porto Rico and the USA.

His private students include many TV presenters and writers and personalities such as Emma Bunton, Frank Skinner, Emily Wolff and Rupert Grint.  TV performances include 'Big City' for ITV, 'BBC Dance', 'Blind Date', and VH1 'World Music'; the movie 'Driving Lessons' which starred Julie Walters, Laura Linny and Rupert Grint.  He has also performed a world first blindfold performance with his partner at the Notre Dame Hall and at a charity event for Nelson Mandela in aid of Africa at the Dorchester Hotel.

In 2000 Orod and Dessy made a set of instructional DVD’s and Videos, Six levels from Beginners to Advanced Salsa including a Lady’s Styling volume.  To add to this in 2002 Orod and his partner Dessy produced the best selling dance book 'Latin Dancing'. 

In August 2006 Orod was awarded the Honorary Membership of the UKA Dance Teachers Association.




Dessy has been dancing and teaching since 1995. She started as a student of 'Hampstead School of Latin Dance'. Since then she has successfully completed the teacher training programme. She has been teaching Salsa, Merengue, and Lambada. She teaches all levels, from beginners to master, introducing her students to the latest fashions as well as the traditional styles. Dessy is one of the first teachers to include Ladies Styling in her classes regularly as well as specialised workshops which will introduce you to everything a lady needs to know to look fabulous on the dance floor.

Dessy is a clear and concise teacher, breaking down every move into manageable sections which she can describe in detail. Her lessons are fun and informative. She paces the class beautifully so that she never has to rush over any details. Dessy teaches regularly in the north London area in a variety of venues which she runs with Orod. She also guest teaches at many events around the UK and internationally in such countries as New Zealand and Bulgaria.

Dessy has been training other people to teach Salsa for some time using the same concise and clear format that she herself teaches. She has now trained some 30 teachers worldwide to her high standards. Recently, Dessy has started running teacher training courses that prepare the student teacher for a professional examination.

Dessy is passionate about Salsa and has her own dance troop called 'Salsa Suenos'. She is a skilled choreographer who loves performing her original ideas. She also choreographs for wedding dances and other events.

Dessy has a degree in Business. In 2004 she and Orod have opened their own dance studios called 'Expressions' in Kentish Town which is continuing to grow and contribute to the community.

Dessy is member of the UKA at Licentiate Level



Trina has been a member of the teaching team here since 2006.  She is very knowledgeable about Salsa as well as other Latin dances and makes all her classes fun as well as informative.  She is an extremely friendly and bubbly person with a big smile. 



Debbie is our Bachata Queen. She has great passion for the dance and vast knowledge of the different styles. Her intermediate Bachata classes are fun and anyone can learn to love to dance. She also teaches Salsa to beginners and improvers and every Friday you can graba a dance with her at our social nights.



Kristin is our very bubbly and happy teacher from the USA. She really looks after our beginners in both Salsa and Bachata and gets them ready for the next levels. Her teaching style is very nurturing but firm and within a couple of lessons her student are confident and ready to conques the dancefloors.



Sarah is from Belgium and she is our beginners teacher on Sundays. She is thorough and will make sure you have the top level tuition while still having fun. Come and try her classes every Sunday evening.




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